covid remote work

Use of Web Based Technologies to Interact with the Home Based Clients and Remote Teams During COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of the worldwide coronavirus crisis, organizations are searching for the right resources to operate electronically, and require options for: Digital Group Manager, Timekeeping, Task Planning, Videoconference and Skype Calling, and even more.

Change in workflow in doing Web Solutions amid Coronavirus

In this hour of need changing times are demanding drastic measures and a completely new approach to cope with the ongoing crisis.

As the people around the globe are facing the onslaught of coronavirus and its effect on the global economy we are suffering a great deal of economic call on our lives as well.

Some of us have also lost our family members to this deadly disease and struggling to support themselves and their families due to closure of business worldwide.

In the wake of these changed circumstances and completely different scenario from the norms of routine business we are experiencing and required to comply with the social distancing. The freelancer community however was already used to the concept of work from home, remote work and telecommuting for the nature of work that they do.

For example in Islamabad where we are based the services and projects we were working before the Corona virus, things have been the same except for the slow pace, for example, we were unable to get the data from client with the physical meeting to do the marking on data for the purpose of authenticity. In the middle of lock-down, in our city, Islamabad, our chief marketing officer did went to the client and completed the task while the back office team was also doing their part on building the website, for a guest house.

We also learned the team effort is the best that we can provide help and support to each other in the middle of testing times.

They say that laughter is a great medicine so we have to keep ourselves with our tiny bit of pranks in order to keep more lighter while the web and services are still continuing without any disruption. In fact in this change scenario the Web Technologies and the role of Companies like SEO and other marketing Digital Marketing companies, is equally important and imperative in the economic crisis roaming over the businesses worldwide in general and Pakistan in particular.

There also need to be some sort of community effort in place, for example as a web development company, we decided to make a free website for any NGO that comes to us for their coronavirus disaster relief efforts. This will help not just portray their work but also get their valuable donors reach them and pay them for their donation drive. We did complete one NGO’s website in a single day!

The modern tools like asana is really helping us do the work online without any need for physical interaction, data sharing has been made easily possible with this tool using comprehensive kanban style board which team which helps the team to keep in touch with each other tree-like structured chat, just they were sitting in one room doing paperwork for the project plans.

Learning has been also key adventure in this work from home and stay home scenario, we built our in house billing system so that our invoices (and if the system is implemented for a customer their invoices too!) don’t get delayed or unnoticed.

Stay safe, stay home and pray all together to get out of this global pandemic.