App Development

We build WebApps and MobileApps that are based on Database and Analytics

How It Benefits Our Customers

  • Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL is the custom solution we use for building WebApps.
  • Framework7 is our choice for mobile apps.
  • We also enhance Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress to show your business data or do lead generation for you.

Reach us with your idea or requirements.

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We Listen First....

What is your business, nobody understands better than you.
We adopt your version of story to understand your business model and potential growth patterns, you wish to seek.

Database Application Development Services
(WebApps Mobile Apps and Hybrid Multiplatform Apps)

  • This technology forms the core of every business application because it is all about transfer of data getting for sharing meaningful information through the application platform.
  • databases were traditionally used for Information retrieval and storage only at large Mainframe Systems in multinational corporations but nowadays it can be old and hosted at negligible cost  by a school student without paying a  fortune.
  • At web technologies we use databases which are common among the web applications and mobile applications as well we can also use a single database to serve both mobile and web applications but this depends on the project scope of work.
  • First of all we develop a business case or also commonly called a use case in the world of Technology for better understanding of client requirements and this traditionally system analysis phase is necessary to build concrete requirements upon which a solution can be designed .
  • We support making applications in PHP and plugins and modules for wordpress and Joomla respectively.
  • We also make applications for Android and IOS platforms and blockchain Technology. 
  • At web technologies we support making websites and mobile applications integrated systems using restful API and other Technologies for or dispersed requirements.
  • At advanced levels we also support integrating Small applications with enterprise resource planning systems like point of sale integrated with accounting systems but this is a fairly costly service needed by mostly the advanced corporations and businesses.

Successful & Completed Projects

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Advance Package
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