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Social Media Marketing and Paid Search Marketing are primary pillars of our services.

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Why We Do It? and..

How It Benefits Our Customers

  • Primary function of every business is to sell, so promotional activities require online marketing effort.
  • Social media offers tremendous opportunities to reach the targeted audience.
  • Every day billions of searches are conducted by buyers online, to whom you want to sell, so paid search is a lucrative opportunity to reach your customers.

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Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital marketing is the modern era measurable return on investment advertising platform which is unique in terms of exact single penny measurement on advertising dollars spent. Traditionally the older media like TV 9 Billboard advertising does not give the option of measuring the readership for target audience viewership.
  •  The new digital media consisting of social media platforms and display advertising platforms and search platforms are uniquely placed for everyone to to jump into and build a marketing service online using a digital marketing agency such as web technologies Park.
  • We are doing multiple levels of digital marketing Agencies packages at affordable as well as high value packages that have some business build a brand on primarily social media and built search engine reputation through ranking different content and Advertising to get instant leads and order.
  • different businesses operate on different levels, some required to generate leads and work on them to convert these leads into orders by using their customer support teams for sales staff whereas other businesses require instant order booking online through their Shopping Cart system for ordering forms.
  • We perform digital marketing activities integrated with other platforms such as websites and social media pages or YouTube channels which gives boost to the existing content and increases the web viewership and audience reach.
  • one of very interesting and important aspect of social media is the ability to build targeted audiences through the tools provided in advertising such as demographics and interest based marketing.
  • The cost of social media starts from under $50 to do any amount of budget that is suitable to reach the goals of a particular business.
  • More information about digital marketing can be received from the packages below and talking to the customer service through contact information at the bottom of this page.

Price List

Our Pricing

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Starting From



  • 1 ad campaign
  • 1 social or search platform
  • 2000 Rs ad credit


Starting From



  • 1 ad campaign
  • 1 social or search platform
  • 4000 Rs ad credit




Starting from



  • 1 ad campaign
  • 1 social or search platform
  • 8000 Rs ad credit

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